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Photography and copyright

If the photograph you want me to draw from is not your own, you must ask permission from the owner to use it. This applies to professional photographers who photograph your pet for your pet portrait.


As the artist I retain copyright of the artwork. I have the right to use a photo of the artwork on my social media and website.
If the portrait is a gift it won't be uploaded until it has been gifted.

Personal information

Your name, address, email and mobile number will be collected for invoices and postage. This and the photographs provided will be deleted you received  your portrait, only your name will be stored to keep track of orders.



Deposit is non refundable unless I, the artist I'm unable to complete your portrait. In this case I will give full refund.

Deadline and delivery

A date of completion will be discussed and you will be notified once the artwork is dispatched. All artwork is sent tracked, any delays are outside of the artists responsibility.

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