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Choosing a reference photo for your custom pet portrait

Please make sure to pick out your highest quality photo of your pet.

The more detail can be seen from the photo, more detailed and realistic the portrait will be.


1. Good lighting: a photo taken in natural light, without flash.

2. Getting to eye level: Crouch down to get to your pets level.

2. Clear eyes: the photo shows the real colour of the eyes and its nice and clear. This is really important in capturing the animal's personality.

3. Fur colour: the real fur colour of your pet is showing.

4. Distance: make sure to be up close, photos taken far away cannot be used.

5. Sending of the images: through e-mail in their original format (no cropping or editing). Cropping can decrease the size and resolution of the image.


If you are unsure about choosing your photo please feel free to contact me and send me your selection so we can discuss together which would be good for creating your pet portrait. 


Bad: Blurry, far away, overexposed.

kitten, pet portrait example
pet portrait example bad reference

Good: Up close, clear, details are visible.

good reference photo
good reference photo
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